Having been street racers for more than 15 years, event organizers for over a half decade, and having pioneered the most advanced roll race timing system in existence; we have decided it is time to host the most authentic Street Car/Street Race competition in history.

We hear the term “street car” used daily.  We will be using this term in the most universally acceptable manner possible, but to OUR standards.  


While the all out competition is fun for everyone to watch, it is not what everyone looks to participate in.  That is why for The Ultimate Street Racing Shootout we will be offering two levels of registration. Both levels will get to enjoy 1,760' (1/3 Mile) of WOT racing before gradually decelerating for over 1,000' before entering Pocono's famous Nascar banked corner.

1. Real-Street (RS)
With roughly 4 hours of on-track time, this is for the guys and gals that just want to have fun.  You line up against any one you please and race without having to qualify or fear elimination.  There are no restrictions, no subclasses, and no awards.

2. King of the Streets (KOTS)
This is for the racers who above all are here to win.  They have hours of blood, sweat, and tears into their build and now it is the time to put their money where their mouth is.

KOTS is divided into 4 subclasses: AWD, RWD, Saloon (4-door), and Naturally Aspirated.  Each competitor must make a class selection at the time of registration.



Participants in both Real Street (RS) and King of the Streets (KOTS) must meet a few basic standards that will be verified during tech inspection.

  • All drivers must be over the age of 18 with a valid state-issued drivers license
  • All drivers must present a Snell-rated motorsports helmet
  • All vehicles must have a valid state-issued registration & license plate (obviously the two must match)
  • All vehicles must be actively insured to be driven on the street
  • All vehicles must be on DOT legal tires (at all 4 corners) and in visibly safe condition
  • All vehicles must have functioning head lights and tail lights
  • Vehicles with lexan body panels or windows are not permitted (unless equipped from the OEM manufacturer)
  • All vehicles will be inspected for adequate fluid levels, without signs of leakage
  • All fuel and coolant line fittings must be secure
  • All braking components must pass a visually inspection of rotor condition and pad wear
  • SSRE reserves the final right to deem a car as a "street car"

Additional items for all participants of the competition King of the Streets (KOTS) class

  • All KOTS competing vehicles must tech in by 9AM or the preferred method of completing tech inspection the night before at the designated pre-race dinner
  • All KOTS competing vehicles must complete a 10-mile parade cruise under their own power on public roads led by SSRE (at local speed limits)


As Real Street (RS) are not participating in a competition, they are free to race in whatever manner they wish.  For continuity, the maximum allowed start speed is 65.99 MPH, if that speed is exceeded the resulting MPH will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the our app. 

For King of the Streets (KOTS) competitors the format is more strict.

In KOTS qualifying:

  1. All competitors must complete at least 1 qualifying run with a valid start speed under 65.99 MPH
  2. Although qualifying will be run 2 cars at a time for efficiency, the cars are not racing each other (therefore matchups and pacing are not regulated at this time)
  3. The top 6 finish MPH in each subclass (RWD, AWD, Saloon, NA) resulting from a fair start speed run (65.99 MPH) will move forward
  4. Cars that did not make the cut to continue in the KOTS competition will be moved to the Real Street (RS) class so that they can continue to enjoy non-competitive racing if they choose to do so

In KOTS eliminations (semi-finals and finals):

  1. All elimination runs are performed heads-up, meaning the first to cross the finish line stays in the competition and the loser is eliminated and will be moved to the Real Street (RS) class so that they can continue to enjoy non-competitive racing if they choose to do so
  2. During elimination rounds, a valid start is a very important factor, and now comprises of two key components: start speed (65.99 MPH) and pacing (cars must enter the start speed trap at roughly the same time and as equally as possible.
  3. During eliminations, the car in the right lane sets the pace, and it will be up to the car in the left lane to ensure they pace correctly (bumpers should be as closely aligned as possible)
  4. Judges will be watching for 'slingshotting' and excessive spacing which will result in an unfair start
  5. Racers will be notified of a fair/unfair start via course flaggers
  6. A chase is not a race
  7. All unfair starts will mandate a rerun (each driver is allowed 1 warning during eliminations; a 2nd infraction will result in an immediate DQ from the KOTS competition)
  8. If the Race Director feels that a Driver is intentionally attempting to “game” the system, they will disqualified. 


If a driver feels that there has been an error, the driver must inform the designated Race Director of a “PROTEST” and it must be done immediately. Driver must provide some form of evidence to support their case.  Race Directors call is final.


  • 7:30AM - gates & tech inspection open
  • 8:30AM - drivers brief
  • 9:00AM - open track for Real-Street // mandatory 10 mile road cruise for KOTS participants
  • 10:00AM - KOTS open track for qualifying
  • 11:00AM - open track for Real-Street
  • 12:00PM - lunch break & equipment check
  • 1:00 PM - KOTS qualifying continued
  • 2:00 PM - open track for Real-Street
  • 3:00 PM - KOTS elimination round 1
  • 4:00 PM - open track for Real-Street
  • 4:45 PM - KOTS semi-finals (eliminations round 2)
  • 5:00 PM - open track for Real-Street
  • 5:45 PM - KOTS finals (eliminations round 3)
  • 6:00 PM - awards & pictures


*Only applies to KOTS competition elimination rounds



The Ultimate Street Racing Shootout will occur in August 2018.  An exact date is being determined with track officials.

Registration for Real Street (RS), King of the Streets (KOTS), and spectators will be announced once a date is confirmed.

Sponsors can reach out to for additional details.