Omega Fuels - The Official Fuel of SlipStream Racing Events


We are proud to announce our partnership with Omega Fuels as the official fuel of SlipStream Racing Events.  They will be joining us in March 2016 for the SlipStream Invitational 1/2 Mile.  

Trackside, Omega Fuels will be offering pump E85 and pails of Ignite racing fuels to the event. The Ignite E85 has 105 octane 85% ethanol guaranteed, the Ignite E98, 98% ethanol with 111 octane, Ignite Green with 108 Octane, and Ignite red with 114 octane.

In addition,  Omega Fuels will also bring blend a few drums of Premium E15. which has about 96 octane and can be use by any vehicle that runs on standard premium fuel.

Here is a bit more on Omega Fuels:

Our mission is to provide the public with alternative fuel options produced from renewable sources, to increase biofuel consumption within the state of Pennsylvania, to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and to aid in ending the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Toward this end, our company offers a wide array of choices and replacements for fossil fuels. From the traditional 100% American-madeE85 to the Ignite ultra high-performance racing ethanol, we have alternative solutions for all your fueling needs.

Paving the Way:
We are the first station within the whole Northeast to install a blender pump for dispensing alternative fuels. This means that we are the only one in this region who can offer the mid-grade option of E15. In addition, we are one of the few retailers within the state of Pennsylvania to offer E85, and we are the official distributor of Ignite racing fuels within the tri-state area.

Ignite E85 - 114 Octane:

Seeking traditional E85 but with true consistency? Look no further than IGNITE E85. Unlike regular E85 blends which can legally range from 70% to 85% ethanol, IGNITE E85 brings you a true E-85 blend with 85% ethanol and 15% denaturant every time, every barrel.  IGNITE85 is an excellent choice for small blocks and smaller displacement applications while offering many of the same ethanol-performance advantages as our other blends. With 105 octane, IGNITE E85 is the perfect fuel alternative to pump gas, and it produces equal or better octane than many premium racing fuels at a fraction of the cost.

Ignite E98 - 111 Octane:
For straight-ethanol applications, IGNITE E98 is your weapon of choice. This fuel is formulated to the highest standards for raw ethanol in order to provide the highest quality and documented consistency. IGNITE E98 delivers outstanding performance in a wide variety of applications.

Ignite Green 108
With its naturally high octane content, IGNITE 108 is the ideal choice for medium to high compression engines that rely on quality, consistent octane content. IGNITE 108 optimizes burn rate and energy value at cooler operating temperatures than traditional gasoline-based racing fuel.

Ignite Red 114
Designed for high-compression, naturally-aspirated and turbocharged engines with compression ratios of 14:1 and higher, IGNITE 114 outperforms similarly-rated gasoline-based racing fuels. With superior burn speed and energy value, IGNITE 114 will reduce engine temperature while delivering more power and torque.


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Stay tuned more more posts from Omega Fuels explaining exactly what E85 is and the benefits of using alternative fuels.